Have Your Say

Us here at Wilde About Crafts would like to know what kind of dreamcatcher is your favourite. We don’t just mean the ones we have made, we mean in general. We want you to have your say in the comments below, letting us know what makes you tick in regards to dreamcatchers.


Do you prefer plain traditional dreamcatchers? Funky colourful one? Sparkly one? Yes, we want as much information as possible so we can better understand what it is that people want. That way we can deliver more of whats wanted and less of what WE want.


Feathers? Or not? There are so many ways to decorate a dreamcatcher these days and some don’t even have a weave and are classed as a dreamcatcher! Have you seen our mobile dreamcatchers? Did you know there is such a thing as a dreamcatcher chandelier?

Dreamcatcher Chandelier – Example only, image taken from Google

The more details you provide the better our dreamcatchers will get, knowing what you want is of huge importance to us. We only ever want to deliver quality, beautiful dreamcatchers to our customers. So comment below and tell us your thoughts on the matter. Who knows.. the best answer might even be published in a future post! Have fun guys!