Current Promotions

At this moment in time we currently have two promotions on offer.

  1. Buy one item get 30% off the next item. (unlimited amount per basket/order)
  2. FREE UK delivery on all items across our range

Both of these offers can be used at the same time, they can also be used with a code you will receive after confirming your subscription to our newsletter giving you even more savings!

Just to make you aware of our full range of offers and services we do have a Custom Order section where you can tell us what you want on a dream catcher and even personalise it however you want!

A little off topic i know but we have recently started making D.I.Y Dreamcatcher kits, at the moment we only do them in small but can upon request issue a medium or large kit to you. You can also request any specific colour you want, if we don’t currently have that colour we will give you a list of available colours. These kits are perfect activities for children (not suitable for 0-3 years). We also offer bulk discounts for large orders, just ask for wholesale prices via the Contact form.

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