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Have Your Say

Us here at Wilde About Crafts would like to know what kind of dreamcatcher is your favourite. We don’t just mean the ones we have made, we mean in general. We want you to have your say in the comments below, letting us know what makes you tick in regards to dreamcatchers.


Do you prefer plain traditional dreamcatchers? Funky colourful one? Sparkly one? Yes, we want as much information as possible so we can better understand what it is that people want. That way we can deliver more of whats wanted and less of what WE want.


Feathers? Or not? There are so many ways to decorate a dreamcatcher these days and some don’t even have a weave and are classed as a dreamcatcher! Have you seen our mobile dreamcatchers? Did you know there is such a thing as a dreamcatcher chandelier?

Dreamcatcher Chandelier – Example only, image taken from Google

The more details you provide the better our dreamcatchers will get, knowing what you want is of huge importance to us. We only ever want to deliver quality, beautiful dreamcatchers to our customers. So comment below and tell us your thoughts on the matter. Who knows.. the best answer might even be published in a future post! Have fun guys!

Whats New?

We are always aiming to bring you new products whether it be a new dreamcatcher, pair of earrings, necklace, right down to new keyrings or bag charms. We have been working on some new items such as:

  • Nursery Styled Dreamcatchers
  • Metal Bookmarks
  • Wire Earrings
  • Wire Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Bow Holders
  • Decoupage items
  • Glitter Wine Glasses

When it comes to being able to bring you more products we definitely try to think outside of the box, literally! We will soon be launching a new section of products aimed at Decoupage and Glitter. These will be available soon so keep an eye out for those!

Our Wire jewellery product range is always expanding bringing you newer designs and our latest creations! We are looking to some day soon create a video tutorial on how to do some of these products so let us know via the Contact section which ones you would like us to do a tutorial of.

newLets not forget our latest creation ”Olly”! He is made using over 50 traditional coloured feathers, is perfect for any room or theme and is at an unbelievable price! And yes he is included in the buy one get 30% off deal we have on at the moment! If you want more savings though sign up to our newsletter and once you confirm your email you will receive an extra 10% off code!


Current Promotions

At this moment in time we currently have two promotions on offer.

  1. Buy one item get 30% off the next item. (unlimited amount per basket/order)
  2. FREE UK delivery on all items across our range

Both of these offers can be used at the same time, they can also be used with a code you will receive after confirming your subscription to our newsletter giving you even more savings!

Just to make you aware of our full range of offers and services we do have a Custom Order section where you can tell us what you want on a dream catcher and even personalise it however you want!

A little off topic i know but we have recently started making D.I.Y Dreamcatcher kits, at the moment we only do them in small but can upon request issue a medium or large kit to you. You can also request any specific colour you want, if we don’t currently have that colour we will give you a list of available colours. These kits are perfect activities for children (not suitable for 0-3 years). We also offer bulk discounts for large orders, just ask for wholesale prices via the Contact form.

Make your own


Our Blog

Hey! We now have a brand spanking new shiny blog so we can show you guys our new creations, competitions, promotions, sales, upcoming events and maybe even some cheeky tutorials! Stay tuned for some more awesome posts right here, letting you into our little creative world of Wilde About Crafts!