We handmake various Dreamcatchers including native American style, doily centre, weave and spiral.  Some even have fimo clay embellishments on. There is really something for everyone. We also offer Custom Orders for Dreamcatchers where you can choose the style, colour and even the decorations, making it truly your perfect one. Our Dreamcatchers range from mini to large and even a hula hoop size if required.  We also make dreamcatcher mobiles which are  perfect for new baby gifts. We also make Dreamcatcher Gift Hamper for New borns, weddings or simply as a gift. If you would like a hamper please message us on the Contact Us page. Each one is handmade,  meaning that although we may make more than one of each design, no two will be the same so styles may vary slightly.

Dreamcatchers Meaning

It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch your bad dreams in the night. The bad dreams will get caught in the web then  vanish in the morning sun. Good dreams will find their way to the centre and float down the feathers.  Dream catchers are believed to bless “the sleeping one” with pleasant dreams, good luck and harmony throughout their lives.


Product Safety

Dreamcatchers are perfect for children’s bedrooms but they are not toys and they may be decorated with small parts such as buttons and beads, which although glued on we can not guarantee they will not fall off. Making them a possible choking hazard so  should be kept out of reach of small children. Not suitable for children under 36 months. We take no responsibility if your child is injured as a result of this.  By purchasing any of our products you agree to our terms and conditions.

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